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JDH high speed series plastic injection machine for thin-wall plastic products.

1.High-speed moulding by movement control: synchronous plasticization with mold clamping and opening, synchronous ejection with mold opening, multiple oil circuit.
2.Specialized mechanical design for high-speed movement of clamping unit to realize stability of rompt startup and halt.
3.Proportional control for mold clamping and opening to realize the precision position control of mold opening.
4.Nitrided injection and server control device for realize high-speed, high-pressure, prompt-response, precision oulding requirement.
5.Electrical server motor for plasticization to realize prompt response, low energy consumption requirement.
6.Automatic unload control for mold clamping force to remarkably extend the mold’s using life.
7.Optimized screw design to realize high-speed injection response and meet the requirement of thin-wall products oulding.
8.Variable displacement pump technology and advanced controller to ensure the super energy-saving effect.







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