Low Speed Granulators
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QS-26 Low-speed Crusher

The system works with Hopper Dryer and sets beside the injection machine to collect the degraded material and scraps produced while injection molding. The regrinding is then conveyed by the blower to the mixing chamber with virgin material proportionally and melt in the plastic-melting chamber. Therefore, the waste materials are reclaimed right before their characteristics change so as to keep the quality, low waste and production cost.


Type QS2628 QS2638
Motor Power(kW) 1.5 3.2
Rotating speed(rpm) 30 30
Material of blades SKD-11 SKD-11
Quantity of Rotating Blades(Pcs) 3 4
Quantity of Fixed Blades(Pcs) 4 4
Cutting chamber(mm) 260×280 260×380
Max. Output(kg/hr) 12-18 16-23
Instantaneous recycling system
blower conveying device
Full-receiver alarm device o o
Feed hopper with magnet o o
Weight(kg) 340 420
Screen size(mm) / /
Dimensions 600×820×1228 748×820×1280

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

1) ""Stands for standard. "o" stands for optional.
2) SKD11 is steel grade of Japanese JIS standard.
3) Max.capacity of the machine is subject to diameter of screen mesh size and composition of material.
4) To avoid plastic from sticking to the blades, all materials should be crushed at normal temperature.
5) Power supply: 3¢,230/380/400/415/460/575VAC,50/60HZ.

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